The Cuckoos Nest

Friday, April 14, 2006

Ho hum. It seems as if things never cease around here. Now that the Dark Phoenix crisis has been averted, and Miss Frost's double seemingly taken care of, a new threat rears it's ugly, wrinkled head. Miss Cassandra Nova Xavier. Professor's evil twin sister. Though she does seem to have outsmarted him a few times. We suggest she get a wig of some sort. It is awful rude to stare, but you cannot help but to if the woman has no hair.

We do not have alot to say right now, as we are training with Miss Frost for any upcoming fight with this foul woman.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Today was such a busy day. We spent the entire morning teaching Miss Grey to use Blogger and spying on the others, so she would know what was going on. Miss Frost seems doubly upset, as a duplicate has made herself known. Professor Xavier can handle this though, we are sure. He is very good at handling such things, and keeping secrets.

We also ask that you be kind to Miss Frost. She may be cold sometimes, but she is still fragile. This whole mess has left her a bit upset. Some people just cannot show anyone an ounce of human decency. We saw her wandering the halls, looking dazed. One could easily say it was her doppleganger, but we scanned. It was her. As for Miss Grey, she is locked in her bedroom, recouperating from death, while Mr. Worthington is out and about, flying all over creation. Too bad we cannot escape the restraints of gravity.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

It seems as if Miss Grey has pulled herself together and is in tip-top shape. With one minor detail. She remembers nothing. Up until the point she died. And that was apprently awhile back.

So now she's reassociating herself with life as we know it, and is positive she is the real Jean Grey. And that this is the second time the Force has duplicated her DNA. We've given her the password to the Phoenix blog, so she may post soon.

At least, once she figures out how to work Blogger.

Regarding the mission. Dr. McCoy informed us that Charles was not a father, and Jean is clsoe to being stopped. He treats us like children.

We know the Phoenix Force is not anywhere near being stopped. Merely. Slowed down. Do have fun now.

Friday, April 07, 2006

We have the most disturbing news. We were in the gardens, reading when we heard a rustling sound.

Upon investigation we found a corpse rising from Miss Grey's seemingly empty grave. This adds a whole other twist to the on going drama of the intergalactic chase. Upon her ressurection "Miss Grey" seemed disoriented and confused. Obviously alive before her time.

But if this is Miss Grey, then who is that woman flying about, zapping everyone? This creates more questions than it answers. Maybe upon the Dark Phoenix's defeat, some things can be answered. But until then, we have two Miss Greys. At least this one is no longer part of the living undead.

She has made her home in her room, not coming out or leaving. Ever. We are afraid to speak with her, for fear of setting her off onto some murderous rampage as well.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

"Charles. It has been quite some time since I have contacted you. But there is something you must know. I have recently learned that you contacted the space pirate Corsair for assisstance. I need to warn you about him. He will betray you. As he did his own Starjammers.

The story is too long to tell, but perhaps another day I can inform you. Know this. He cannot be trusted."

And that is all that was recorded. We checked galactic files with Sage's help and found out he sold his crew out. Turning them in to the Shi'Ar government. Lilandra barely escaped. Apparently the Shi' Ar also have you on their wanted list, with a large sum of money attached to it.

We believe Corsair will betray you when the time is fitting. Even though he is a hamster as of now, Miss Frost's little mind game can easily be undone with the neural inhibitor he has had implanted. It apparently negates psychic attacks and suggestions within in an hour.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

These are the chronicles of the adventures of the Stepford Cuckoos.

For some time now, we have been in the background, watching. And now that Miss Grey has gone absolutely mad, we felt the need to step forward and keep everyone posted on her whereabouts.

As of now, she is on her way to outer space. At first we thought she was going to eat a sun. But now we fear that it is much worse.

According to Gaia, a Jedi has made Miss Grey very cross.

Very cross indeed. And she plans to seek revenge on the Jedi order. While the Jedi are powerful beings, the Phoenix Force represents life itself. She is very powerful, especially when angered. We fear for the very balance of existance.

We will continue to keep track of her as best as we can. But we cannot make many promises.

We do know that she is nearing a time where she will need to feed. So ifshe were to be stopped, it would be then.

This is most exciting.

We never thought we would be part of an intergalactic, crossover epic.